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 DOGtor Rx for Frail Geriatric Dogs, Cushinoid and Cushing, Dog Joint and Ligament Pains, Dog Separation Anxiety, Pet Skin Hot Spots, Pet Fur Shedding
DOGtor Rx for Frail Geriatric Dogs
Bulgarian Rose Co.
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Bulgarian Rose Co
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A superior care for your Hair and Skin and as natural as Nature can offer it. Hydro distilled flower waters from fresh plant material.
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The Spa Energy Cosmetic Line with Caviar Complex

Spa Energy Cosmetic Lilne with Caviar complex

The Spa Energy cosmetic line contains seven products based on Caviar complex – the luxury of Black Gold for skin vitality, Seawater concentrate, Dead Sea salts. Preservative free. The line offers Intensively hydrating cream and Regenerating cream, a gentle Eye contour cream. Further the line is enriched with Revitalizing shampoo and Refreshing shower gel. Finally, a Spa Energy and Spa Relax glycerin soaps.

Spa Energy Cosmetic line with Caviar Complex  
Spa Energy intensively hydrating cream 50 g (3304) # 204-56
Active ingredients: caviar complex, jojoba oil, vitamin E, UV filter
Spa Energy intensively hydrating cream
Spa Energy regenerating cream 50 g (3303) # 204-57
Active ingredients: caviar complex, olive oil, vitamins A and E
Spa Energy regenerating cream
Spa Energy delicate eye cream 15 g (0305) # 204-58
Active ingredients: caviar complex, coenzyme Q10, grape seed oil, shea butter
Spa Energy delicate eye cream 15 g
Spa Energy refreshing shower gel sea water 200 (3302) # 204-55
Active ingredients: salts from the Dead sea, seawater concentrate, seaweed extract
Spa Energy refreshing shower gel sea water
Spa Energy natural glycerin soap Spa Energy 90 g (0306) # 209-10
Active ingredients: extract of algae
Spa Energy natural glycerin soap
Spa Energy revitalizing shampoo 200 g (3301) # 203-03
Active ingredients: seaweed extract, seawater concentrate, vitamin PP
Spa Energy revitalizing shampoo
Spa Energy natural glycerin soap Spa Relax 90 g (0307) # 209-11
Active ingredients: sea water concentrate
Spa Energy natural glycerin soap Spa Relax
Bulgarian Rose Co., Karlovo, Bulgaria
Stop Smoking Rose cosmetics line Tribulus Energix for Energy
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